17 May, 24

Power to change society-Coastal Cleaning


Power to change society-Coastal Cleaning
The international theme for the 2024 Earth Day coastal cleanup is "Planet vs. Plastics," calling on people to "reduce a plastic rather than add a plastic." While plastic products bring many conveniences, their excessive use and careless disposal have made them difficult to degrade and absorb, causing serious pollution to the environment. With global attention on Earth's temperature rising, environmental sustainability awareness is on the rise, and issues such as "environmental protection, low carbon, and sustainability" are becoming increasingly urgent. It calls on everyone to unite and work together to end the harm of plastic pollution to the Earth.
In response to Earth Day 2024, Argox not only participated in "corporate carbon reduction" but also held a coastal cleaning event at Dawulun Beach in Keelung on May 15th. The Administrative Support Department led colleagues to reduce carbon emissions together, practice ESG sustainability goals, and implement actions to protect the Earth. Despite the strong sunshine on the day, the 21 colleagues who participated in the coastal cleaning activity were full of energy. Especially when colleagues reported the types of trash they picked up, everyone was astonished and discussed how there could be so much garbage. Due to the very harmonious atmosphere of the entire beach cleaning activity, the final result was also quite impressive, with about 4 large bags full of trash. For colleagues who
participated in beach cleaning for the first time, such achievements are commendable.
The total weight of trash collected during this "Argox Sustainability Wave" coastal cleaning event was 32.5 kilograms. According to ICC statistics, the top three types of trash were plastic bottle caps, cigarette butts, and plastic bottles. However, in addition to the registered types, there were actually more unidentified plastic fragments. Through this coastal cleaning activity, we not only gave the Earth a clean environment but also hoped to raise awareness among colleagues that while plastic is convenient, it is also a major contributor to environmental degradation. Beach cleaning is just the beginning; the most important thing now is to take action and cultivate good habits to reduce the use of plastic, in order to achieve a sustainable future!


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